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In a reality TV show not unaccustomed to crime and drama, a shocking death occurred early Sunday morning outside of “Mob Wives” Big Ang’s New York bar. According to the Associated Press the “Mob Wives” alleged murder took place on the sidewalk in front of Angela Raiola’s Drunken Monkey Bar and Grill on Forest Avenue in Staten Island where police found a dead man at approximately 3:30 a.m. on June 8.

The New York Daily News has identified the victim as Abdoul Cisse, a 47-year-old Nigerian man who was a regular at the "Mob Wives" bar. Big Ang referred to Abdoul as more than a customer, but also a “gentle giant that I loved.” Reports state Cisse attempted to breakup a fight outside the Drunken Monkey when he was punched in the face, fell backwards, cracked his skull on the pavement and was subsequently pronounced dead at the scene.

The eerie irony is the latest season of “Mob Wives” was titled “New Blood,” a gloomy reality considering the 50-year-old bartender of Big Ang’s bar was assigned the task of cleaning up Cisse’s blood from the sidewalk. Diana Marino echoed the “somber mood” of the Drunken Monkey as her eyes welled with tears when she told reporters how loved the victim was in the bar, “he was a beautiful man and embraced in here.”

Angela Raiola was filming season five of “Mob Wives” when the tragedy occurred on Sunday, and she tweeted her sadness later in the day.

A horrific tragedy occurred outside of the drunken monkey last night. My heart is broken by the tragic and senseless loss. I personally share my heartfelt condolences to his loved ones, and we too are feeling this loss in our drunken monkey family.

One would think with all of the antics that surround the reality TV show, a bar fight in Raiola’s watering hole is commonplace. However, this is not the case according to another of Big Ang’s bartenders who preferred to remain anonymous. The Drunken Monkey typically serves an older crowd, although one neighbor claims the bar is “noisy.”

An arrest hasn’t been made in the “Mob Wives” murder. Police are reportedly looking for two men who fled the scene in a dark-colored car.

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