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It is always necessary for you to how to be romantic to your lover. In some cases you will end up running short of cash. It is normal because not all the times you will have plenty of cash for you to spend together. That is where you will be required to think of other methods that you can use for you to stay Romantic with your lover without spending money. Actually, there are many ways through which you can achieve in staying romantic without even spending your single dollar. First, let your lover understand that you are out of cash and there are other things that you will like to do together. Remember in a relationship the time that you will have together will matter a lot. For you to avoid making the time that you will spend together become boring, you need to get involved in different activities that will make you stay Romantic all throughout the time that you will be together. Here are some ways on how you will stay Romantic without spending money:

1. Go on a picnic

In case you do not have money, a picnic will work well for you. Just take simple necessities for your picnic such as food from your home. A blanket which you will spread and sit on it in your picnic venue and some candles. This will enable you spend time together where you will be seeing nature without spending your money. At the picnic you can get involved in different talks that will lead you to spending the afternoon together peacefully. In case there are some issues that may be burning up in you, you can use the time and discuss with your lover.

2. Watch the sunset together

Just in the afternoon you can walk with your lover to a neighboring field or hill where you can see the sunset. In such a case you will enjoy the sunset as you are talking and embracing each other. After the sun has disappeared, it will become cold. It will be the right time to hold each other and walk back home. This will be a great time for you to romance. In case you were the one who came up with the idea, it will be a great achievement on your part in learning how to be romantic without spending your money.

3. Watch the stars

You may not have money for you to go out. In such a case, instead of getting bored in your home you should look for something that will break your monotony. This is where going out to watch the beautiful stars together will come in handy. While watching the stars you should remember to carry your blanket. This is necessary for you to avoid the effects of cold which may chase you from outside. While in your blanket outside watching the stars you can as well engage in talks at low tones where you will be discussing the stars.

4. Take your lover to your house and cook dinner

You can turn your small room into a romantic home for your dinner. This will work well where you will invite your lover and use food that you have in your stock to prepare the dinner. While preparing dinner you should turn on romantic music from your audio player. In case you have romantic lights in your house, then it will be your time to light them. A candle will also work well while serving the dinner.

5. Play or write a song for her

In case you have a lot of time together and you discover you do not have enough money for you to spend any more, by just taking time to write a song for your lover it will be the best way for you to reveal your romantic nature. When writing a song try to make the song as romantic as you can. After you have wrote the song, in case you know how to sing then you can sing to your lover. It can be possible that you do not know how to sing. After you have written the song try to practice together. This will really make you stay romantic while passing time together.

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