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Penn State football fans certainly aren't happy with the team's lackluster performance Saturday night against Michigan.

Just over 50 rushing yards, 35 percent third-down efficiency, 160 passing yards, 40 yards lost on six sacks, five punts and just one touchdown.

Those aren't the kind of numbers fans are looking for against a Michigan team that was looking for its first Big Ten win. The Wolverines found it in the 18-13 victory that dropped Penn State to 1-2 in the conference.

PennLive's on his weekly report card. It breaks down to offense (D), defense (B+), special teams (D) and coaching (C-).

Penn State fans weren't as kind when they graded the Lions on PennLive.

More than . They weren't afraid to hand out identical Fs to the offense and coaches. Special teams earned a C-.

The lone bright spot was the defense, which earned a solid B from the fans.

gozurisnottraveling79 says the team needs "to gain experience. Lost a ton to graduation. Will be better as they play. Fans don't want to hear that but it takes time."

tellinit4sure was a bit more blunt. "Only one grade handed out here and it's a big fat F ... solely to the coaches. PSU's offense has become more inept as the game and season progresses. No more blame to the O-line. Total blame goes to coaching."

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