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As a lifelong resident of Pennsylvania, I am truly ashamed of our attorney general. Kathleen Kane has made a true mockery of our constitution that she has sworn to up hold.

She told everyone she would not enforce the gay marriage laws. Where does she get to pick which laws to enforce?

Then she decided not to prosecute Democrat politicians from Philadelphia. She decided to do a full investigation into Governor Corbett's handling of the Penn State investigation. In September she released pornographic emails from staff workers at the attorney general's office when Corbett was attorney general. Then she waited to release more of these emails just so the story remains current in the news media before the election.

When Chief Justice Castille asked for more information to make sure no judges were involved, Kane told him she was understaffed. I bet she would have all the time and staff she needed if she thought Republicans where going to pay a heavy price for their involvement.

She took an oath to enforce the laws of Pennsylvania. The laws are the laws whether you like them or not. The Attorney General's office should be neither Democrat or Republican.

Kane has chosen to turn this office to a political hack for the Democrat party. She needs to be removed as Attorney General for the partisan politics she is playing with this once honorable office. With Kane in office, to stop an investigation all you need to do is tell her you are a Democrat.


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