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The Disability Rights Network of Pennsylvania (DRN) is the organizationdesignated under federal law to protect the rights of and advocate forPennsylvanians with disabilities. Wewrite to express support for Rep.Thomas Murt's resolution authorizingthe Legislative Budget and Finance Committee to report on the impact of the ten percent funding cutfor county-managed community mental health services made in2012-2013.

County-based mental health services are critical for recovery and forpreventing institutionalization. The funding cut has reduced crisis servicesand evidence-based practices needed for treatment and recovery. Waitinglists for services have increased.

We receive numerous requests for helpeach year, and our children and adult clients with mental illness are unableto getnecessary community mental health services. The study will inform lawmakers and stakeholders whether thereis enough access to services for children and adults with mental illness. We urgethe House leadership to move House Resolution 1018 for avote this session.

PERI JUDE RADECIC, Chief Executive Officer, Disability Rights Network of Pennsylvania, Harrisburg

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