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This 56-year registered Republican will not be voting for Gov. Corbett this time around.He is on the wrong side of several important issues and has been ineffective in getting critical legislation passed even though his party has the majority in both houses of the Legislature.

Gov. Corbett is on the wrong side of the medical marijuana issue. Two large surveys across the Commonwealth showed that 85 percent of Pennsylvanians are in favor of making medical marijuana legally available.

Our governor was and still is on the wrong side of the voter ID issue. He spent millions of taxpayer dollars to defend a poorly crafted law that was among the mostonerousin the nation, even though the state conceded in court it could offer no evidence of the voter impersonation the law wassupposedlyintended to prevent.

Corbett showed incredibly poor judgment in his attempt to turn over management of the state lottery program to another country's company on a no-bid contract.

The fracking industry in Pennsylvania has the lowest total effective tax rate on natural gas production. This industry gave candidate Corbett more than 0,000 for his 2010 election campaign.

Standard and Poor again dropped the credit rating of Pennsylvania for the fifth time in two years. It cited recurring budget deficits, rising pension debt, limited revenue growth and empty financial reserves. This downgrade is a serious indictment of Gov. Corbett's performance for the last four years.

Given all of these issues it is not hard to comprehend why our governor is currently far behind in the polls.

DICK SCHIRATO, West HanoverTwp.

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