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"Power corrupts, absolute power corrupts absolutely" this maxim has become even more relevant today with the recent pornography e-mail scandal.

It's another case where many individuals in whom the public places their confidence and trust somehow fail to discern inappropriate behavior and put an end to it. Internal investigations may be conducted ad infinitum, but if the solution to these problems only leads to cover-ups, job transfers, or a change in one's job title or position, perhaps the real issues are not being properly addressed. The abuse of authority, the immoral and inappropriate behavior, will very likely still continue, only now under a different guise.

In the Jerry Sandusky scandal, Penn State's administration did not want to lose power, prestige, or money. Those being victimized were apparently sacrificed for those being idolized.

In the present pornography scandal, I am fairly certain Gov.Tom Corbett's administration is very concerned, as internal investigations will eventually bring exposure and they will have to acknowledge vital truths. Cleaning house is the best way to provide a clean slate, and a clear conscience.


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