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It s a destructive mystery; police say overnight Monday someone smashed the windows and doors of at least 33 vehicles.

I guess they re just like, Oh hey, let s go bust some windows tonight, said Woodbridge resident Tametrish Johnson.

Most of the damaged cars and trucks were parked in a storage lot, owned by the Auto Finance Center off of Route 1.

There s no real explanation of why anybody would have done it, said AFC Manager Rick Eskandari. It looks to be almost like a hit but no guarantee what it is.

The owners say they ve never seen anything like it. Nothing taken just sheer, wanton destruction, with plenty of rocks around to do the job.

We ve had stuff stolen radios, stuff like people break in, do some kind of vandalism, Eskandari said. But this one was just for no point.
The AFC lot wasn t the only location hit. Just down the street, someone smashed in the windows of a van and even broke two windows in a hearse parked outside a Muslim funeral home.

I think that it s pretty bad for people to be out here, destructing other people s property, Johnson said.

No one, including police, is calling this a hate crime. Many suspect teens or gangs are involved. The damage totals more than ,000.
It appears to be more or less vandalism, with no motive, Eskandari said.

Police say they have some surveillance video, shot around 1:30 a.m., in which two people are seen walking. But they say the quality of the footage is poor, with the people nearly unidentifiable.

Meanwhile, the AFC plans to increase its security.

Going to have to fence it in now and put some lighting in there, and maybe some cameras for protection, Eskandari said.

Police believe BBs may be involved in the vandalism

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