north face black friday sale 2014 Week 2: Cotton and his Central team lost the season opener, 20-15, to Brookwood.2)RB,Week 2: The Auburn commit had three carries for 14 yards and one reception for a six-yard touchdown in a 45-12 win over Maplewood Academy.3), DL,Week 2: The big 6-foot-2, 330-pound defensive tackle had two sacks and five tackles in a 34-14 win over Bessemer City.4)LB,Week 2: Williams and his Hoover squad suffered their second consecutive loss this season in a 35-15 loss to Rush Propst's Colquitt County (Ga.)5), OL,Week 2:Carr missed his second game in a row due to illness.6)OL,Week 2: Williams had one big pancake block, but his Bessemer City team managed only
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